Church Planting

27 churches have been planted from 2002 – 2017 under the authority of the Indianapolis Baptist Temple. My desire is to form an alliance of Pastors globally to plant churches.

In 2001, the Lord laid on my heart, as a Pastor in the suburbs, to go back to our inner-city and to bring renewal to suffering people.  Through church planting this endeavor began. In 2017 another 27 churches were started in Latin America, Africa and Asia.  58 additional churches are being started in 2018 for a total of 112 new works worldwide. Black, White, Mixed and Hispanic works have begun.  Each work is autonomous and has its own Pastor.  There are no financial strings attached.  Men are found who are called to preach and has a desire to start a local New Testament Church and they are helped to be as fruitful as possible.  The goal is to continue to start churches all throughout Indianapolis and around the world.  I believe the local church is the gateway to all the eternal blessings of God.