ADVANCE is empowering Nationals worldwide to start churches in their Countries.  Between 2002 – 2016 27 churches were started.  In 2017 another 27 were started in Latin America, Africa and Asia.  By Gods grace 58 churches will begin in 2018 for a total of 112.  Empowering Nationals is an idea whose time has come.  They know the language, culture, needs and landscape of their people.  For $50-$100 per month the Discipling of Nations can be and is being accelerated tremendously.  Please consider an alliance with ADVANCE to help these planters get started.

My goal for 2018 is to get 30 new givers to help these men and women succeed.
  1.  10 new churches/Pastors.
  2.  10 new individuals.
  3.  10 new business leaders.
  Church planting through local churches is the responsibility of us all!  Together we can push back the darkness that has captivated Nations and send the Light that will change hearts and lives.

The 5 Initiatives

Church Planting

Planted 27 in the last 15 years. My Desire is to form an alliance of Pastors globally, to plant churches.

Urban Youth Ministry of Greater Indianapolis

Young Champions/Youth Xchanges/Summer Youth Camp/Urban Youth Academies/Sports Programs

Transitional Living Spaces

Providing help to men, women, and children in need of housing.

Trinity House

Soup kitchens to provide nightly dinner and a Gospel message.

Missional Opportunities

Annual mission trips for church planting through evangelistic services, sports camps, and children’s ministry (VBS).

We would be honored to be invited to speak and sing at your church or function for three reasons:

  1. God called me to preach when I was 17 years of age, and I must fulfill my call.
  2. After 40 plus years in the ministry I have a desire to influence, encourage, and bless pastors and churches around the world to be greater missional movements of God.
  3. My wife and I have chosen to donate all love offerings, which have been received by Advance to self-fund these 5 Initiatives.

2017-2018 Speaking Schedule

  1. 11 Mar

    Faith Baptist Church

    Kokomo, IN
  2. 19 Mar

    Unregistered Baptist Fellowship

    Victory Baptist Church-Okeechobee, Fla
  3. 02 Apr

    Oaxaca Mission Trip

    Oaxaca, Mexico
  4. 08 Apr

    Keeping the Faith Baptist Church

    Indianapolis, IN
  5. 15 Apr

    Victory Baptist Church

    Paducah, KY
  6. 29 Apr

    Harvesters Baptist Church

    Indianapolis, IN
  7. 06 May

    Long Run Baptist Church

    Theodosia, MO
  8. 07 May

    Baptist Bible Fellowship International

    Springfield, MO
  9. 03 Jun

    London Mission Trip

    London, UK
  10. 10 Jul

    Mexico Mission Trip

    Leon, Mexico
  11. 14 Jul

    Advance Guanajuato

    Church Planting Event – Leon, Mexico
  12. 18 Jul

    Oaxaca Mission Trip

    Oaxaca, Mexico
  13. 05 Aug

    Grace baptist church

    DuPont, WA
  14. 12 Aug

    Liberty Baptist Church

    Spokane, WA
  15. 26 Aug

    Zion Unity Baptist Church

    Indianapolis, IN
  16. 09 Sep

    Harvesters Baptist Church

    Indianapolis, IN
  17. 24 Sep

    Advance Oaxaca Central

    Church Planting Event – Mexico
  18. 24 Sep

    The Global Baptist Training Foundation

    Oaxaca Centro – Mexico
  19. 26 Sep

    Advance Oaxaca Coastal

    Church Planting Event – Mexico
  20. 28 Sep

    Advance Oaxaca Mountains

    Church Planting Event – Mexico
  21. 14 Oct

    Life Line Baptist Church

    Mooresville, Ind.
  22. 15 Oct

    Unregistered Baptist Fellowship

    Indianapolis Baptist Temple
  23. 03 Nov

    Calvary Baptist Church Mission Conference

    Connersville, IN
  24. 10 Nov

    Indianapolis Baptist Temple Mission Event

    Indianapolis Baptist Temple